Saturday, 24 August 2013


Hello All,

Sorry for my absence thought I would give u all an update after moving to Wales I stood on a piece of glass which wasn't too bad but it got infected which I didn't know until I went to hospital because it hadn't come out of the skin so they took me into hospital there n then I then had 2 operations to remove the infection but it wasn't giving up that easily it then came through the top of my foot which led to another op, All in all I was in hospital 3 and a half weeks I have a nurse come out daily to dress my foot still have big holes in my foot but there are healing slowly so much for my life in Wales, I have been quite low during this time but hopefully im on the mend now I am planning on walking  Mount Snowdon  next year, so for now will get craft room sort so I can make my Christmas cards so watch this space  sorry for  long post hope some of you make it to the end without nodding off lol All for now Sue x