Monday, 25 February 2013



My daughter has gone back to school today so all back to normal, this is a stamping up card again I really enjoyed making this as it was something I hadn't tried before. The  image was tamped on to card then bleached out. Sorry cant remember names of card as I made this quite a while a go. I don't know I dont think I'm getting the hang of this i never know what to say Thanks for visiting me please leave a comment x Sue x


  1. This is lovely Sue I love that image and the colour you've chosen
    jacqui x


  2. Good morning Sue. Don't know what it is like with you weather wise, but it's a cold crisp day here, been out with the dog for a lovely walk.

    Will you stop thinking you are not doing well with your blog!!! You are doing great look back at Patricia's she found it hard for ages but she got there.

    Another lovely card, love the colours you have used. Keep going and enjoy your day. Hazel
    Thank you for your comment on Patricia's blog about our Pendents. You are so right about the amount of people effected by cancer. I was so lucky and feel great, can't believe it's been a year since it all started.

  3. Hi Sue - Marvellous card. Beautiful image and colours. I think you are doing really well with your blog. It is hard for everybody at the beginning. My biggest problem is finding a title for the post every time. By the way I have never done the bleaching technique - this is great.

  4. Great card Sue. I have seen this used before and keep saying I'll try it - but you know how it is!! Christine x

  5. Good Afternoon Sue,
    I LOVE this your card is stunning, beautiful colours.
    I did this technique years ago but have not done it since.
    You have inspired me, I might just have a go soon.

    You are doing really well, don`t give up.
    I have posted cards that I had forgotten what I used.
    Just keep going it does get easier.
    Your cards come over much better now you are standing them up, we can see the beauty.

    Patricia xx

  6. Sue you are really doing well, keep at it, we all struggled at first, but you will find your own way of doing things.
    Lovely card, don't know what this bleaching out is, will have to find out.

    gorgeous stamp and your colours are great.
    Take care, kate x