Wednesday, 20 February 2013



Hope you all well, thanks for visiting me please leave a message if you have the time,
Its rather murky here today so maybe some more sorting in the craft room,I H=have to get more disciplined tho , the other day went to sort & found some things i had forgotten about so ended up playing with them lol.

Card today is Stampin up so everything on card is Stampin up products This was the first time i used a brayer ( & the last lol ) but you never know Imight do it again one day
thats it for today sorry its a short one but lots to do you all know how it is x Sue x


  1. Nice card Sue not bad for first attempt at brayering I'm not keen on it I get very frustrated when it goes wrong
    jacqui x

  2. I like this very much, hope you continue. I have been tempted but it never quite makes it to the top of my wish list - so many things I need. xx Flora

  3. Good afternoon Sue,
    I like it!! love the design and your stamps.
    I have a brayer (somewhere) I have never been successful with it.

    Now that`s better with your card standing up, you have got a reflection from the table. Try putting a cloth on the table before taking the photo. I hope you don`t mind me mentioning these things. I have been there done that and been given advice.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xxx

  4. Hi Sue

    It seems none of us are very good with the brayer. The best use I have found is when I have a very large stamp in order to get good pressure over the entire stamp I hold the stamp down with one hand and then roll the brayer over it with a hard movement. Not what it's meant for, but at least I've found a use for it. LOL! Having said all of that, your card looks fine.

    When I'm taking pictures I use a piece of fabric or a couple of pieces of cardstock to mask out the background. It's amazing what a difference it makes.

    Love from Christine x

  5. Hi there Sue, your card is lovely, fab colours. I've never tried to ink with a brayer, Barbara Grey makes it look so easy, bet it's not though. Brave of you to try it, but we are all critical of our own cards, I do like yours. Take care, Kate x

  6. Lovely card Sue. Like everybody else I have a brayer but rarely use it as I usually make a mess.